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Having a baby is one of the most beautiful and transformative experiences a woman can go through. However, it can also be a time filled with uncertainty and questions, which Dr Deon van Zyl will happily answer.

What are the various delivery options?

There are two main methods of childbirth: vaginal birth and caesarean section.

Vaginal birth

This is the most common delivery method, although caesarean sections are becoming almost as popular. Vaginal birth involves the baby being born through the vagina and is preferred by many women because it is considered a natural process, and the recovery time is usually quicker.

During vaginal birth, the cervix dilates while contractions guide the baby through the birth canal. Labour can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours, but Dr van Zyl will be with you throughout to guide you through the process.

You will also have the option to receive an epidural during labour, which eases some of the pain of childbirth.

Caesarean section

A caesarean, or C-section, is a surgical procedure in which the baby is delivered through an incision in the mother's abdomen. During a C-section, you will be numbed from the waist down to avoid feeling any pain, and you will be able to hold your baby as soon as they are born.

This method is usually performed when there are complications during labour, such as when the baby is in the wrong position or is distressed or if you experience pre-eclampsia. However, C-sections also allow moms to schedule their pregnancies and are useful for large babies or if you have previously had a C-section.

Vaginal birth after caesarean (VCAB)

VCAB refers to a woman who has previously had a C-section but chooses to have a vaginal birth in her next pregnancy. VCAB is possible for many women these days, and Dr van Zyl has had great success in helping moms achieve a vaginal birth after a C-section.

It's more common to have a VCAB if the reason for the previous C-section was a one-time issue, such as the baby being in the wrong position.

Multiple pregnancy

Multiple pregnancy involve the carrying of two or more babies at the same time. This can be due to natural conception or assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF. Dr van Zyl is particularly interested in multiple pregnancy, having delivered several himself.

In multiple pregnancies, the delivery method will depend on the number of babies and their positions in the uterus. In some cases, vaginal birth may be possible, while in others, a C-section may be necessary for the safety of mom and her babies.

No matter your decision, you are in safe and capable hands with Dr van Zyl and his team.

Which birthing method is right for me?

Childbirth is a unique experience for every woman and can involve various delivery methods to suit your needs. Dr van Zyl will outline the various options and help you develop a birthing plan well in advance so that when the time comes, you are ready.

Factors influencing your delivery method include the baby's position, if you have previously been pregnant and complications that may arise during labour.

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