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Lauren Allen gave birth to Liv Zoe


My experience with Dr Van Zyl was absolutely wonderful. It had not crossed my mind that a natural birth was even a possibility, after having a C-section with my twins, until he crossed my path. Early on in the pregnancy I started my journey with Dr Van Zyl. I walked in with the mindset of “once a C-section always a C-section”. He, within the first appointment, assured me I had other options I could explore which I did. After months of researching, watching videos and speaking with Dr Van Zyl we decided I would trial labour and a VBAC. I hired a doula, which was the best decision outside of the one to have a VBAC birth, I could’ve made.

Dr Van Zyl held my hand throughout the process and assured me I could do it but was always open to my feelings and fears, listened intently and I always felt he was interested and concerned with the way I felt and what I had to say even when I knew I was repeating myself over and over again, trying to convince myself I could do it.

The birth was extraordinary for me. It challenged, strengthened and reinforced my belief in myself and what I was capable of with the right team of people around me. It was a relatively quick labour and birth, the pain was overwhelming but thankfully my team pushed me through. In the end I gave birth naturally with no pain intervention whatsoever. I could hold my baby immediately and bond instantaneously with her. I showered an hour later and was able to walk. It was the most incredible experience of my life. One I hold dear to my heart. I am very grateful Dr Van Zyl was my doctor; I don’t believe I would’ve had the belief in myself without him. To any mom to be, you are in great hands.

Jessica Lourens gave birth to Mason

(Emergency Caesarean)

Dear Doctor Deon,

Where to start… No one could give us a gift as special as you have. Our Beautiful healthy Rainbow baby, born on the 10th May 2019. Thank you for comforting and guiding us for a very long 244 days, since we found out we were expecting our little one. You were with us every step of the way and never ceased to respond to late night or early morning messages to see to our concerns and insure we got a good night’s rest after putting our minds at ease. Our health care never just ended with myself and baby, as you always made careful time to check in with dad at every appointment as well, which meant a lot to us, on top of everything else, as in our experience, dads are easily looked over in pregnancy, which was never the case with you, you treated our whole family.

This was such an uncertain journey for us after losing a baby earlier last year, and without you; we are not sure how we would have made it through the last 9 months. The one thing we were certain of, and kept reiterating was; we trust Dr Deon 100% with our baby and my own health, and value your opinion and advice above all others. Our labor and delivery experience were no exception. You treated our birth team with such respect, that blew them away. I was able to have my whole support team with me in the labor ward through to theatre. And on the spots where I was unable to, you were right by my side making sure I was fine! You gave us everything we needed to make an informed decision regarding our birth plan and ultimate ‘Plan of Action’ that insured our little one was delivered safely to our arms.

You truly are an Obstetrician that recognizes and respects his profession as what it comes down to, and that is; someone that is trusted to help people start and grow their family’s; as you take on every baby as if they were your own, your care and treatment goes far beyond ‘just a job’ for you, and we felt that. We hope to grow our family, with you by our sides once again! Thank you, again and again, for such an incredible pregnancy and birth experience. From beginning to end; you were phenomenal and gave Pieter and I the best possible start in parenthood.

Lee-ann Mcleod gave birth to Taliyah

(Caesarean Section)

This was most anticipated day of my life and I was so worried that I would feel like a piece was missing due to the personal struggles I was having, but it felt magical and heart-warming due to the treatment my mom (granny) and I received. It is a day I will never forget for all the good reasons and it is thanks to these amazing doctors and nurses.

My journey with Dr. Van Zyl started approximately 6 years ago when I was feeling defeated by my PCOS as no other doctor took me seriously enough about my struggles until I walked into the practice that day. I have had 2 procedures done with Dr. Van Zyl and to have walked my pregnancy journey with him was a true blessing. He showed me "tough love" when I needed it but also always treated me with respect, care and consideration. The last few weeks were hard with the admission to hospital but never did I or my mom feel that any of our questions were silly, invalid or unnecessary.

I know every mother sees their child as a miracle and I am no exception. For many years, I thought I would never experience pregnancy, giving birth or motherhood. I am truly blessed to have shared this with the staff and Dr. Van Zyl.

Megan Isaacs gave birth to Taylor

(Emergency Caesarean)

Dr Van Zyl has been with me from the beginning. I struggled to conceive but with his help and guidance, I was able to conceive. I had a very relaxed pregnancy with minimal issues. He was there every step of the way, assuring me & guiding me. I was 38 weeks when I went into labour. Dr Van Zyl advised me that I would need an emergency c - section as my baby's heart rate was dropping.

Dr Van Zyl took the time to consider all options and always advised me as best he could. In theatre I was extremely scared and anxious, Dr Van Zyl was assuring & comforted me. He allowed me to understand that this is what he does best and that I should trust him. Needless to say, he is absolutely the best! My daughter was born at 15:23 weighing 3.080kgs. Dr Van Zyl took great care of myself and my daughter. I am so happy that I have such a great OBGYN and that he is passionate about his patients and their care. I cannot wait to have another baby because he made my experience a beautiful and memorable one. Thank you Dr Van Zyl!

Anneli Long gave birth to Carter

(Emergency Caesarean)

“I had a very blessed pregnancy and birth. Dr Van Zyl was absolutely amazing with supporting my decision to do a natural birth. He is kind-hearted , caring and always provided words of encouragement when needed. I ended up having an emergency cesarean. I will never forget how Dr van Zyl said in a very sympathetic voice, “Anneli, I know this is not what you wanted, but I would highly recommend that we do a cesarean.” He took the time to carefully explain his reasoning to allowing us to fully comprehend the situation and appreciate the decision of doing the emergency cesarean.

Within minutes I was in theater and our beautiful baby boy was born on the 2nd of January 2017. The theater had such a lovely atmosphere, there was music playing softly and everyone in theater were friendly, laughing and talking. We are grateful to have shared our journey with Dr van Zyl and every single person that we encountered at Panorama. It was a positive experience and I would highly recommend Dr van Zyl, Nicolette Hayden (our lovely Doula, also recommended to us by Dr van Zyl) and Panorama Mediclinic.”

Lianda Coetzee gave birth to Esme Coetzee

(Normal Birth)

First time pregnancy and birth can be daunting, but since day one Dr Van Zyl and his team made this experience one we will always treasure. We truely believe that there is no other docter that provides so much assistance, advice, support and honesty as Dr. Van Zyl. We were blessed with having Docter with us during this journey and hope again with baby no. 2.

Maryke Haywood gave birth to Clara Haywood

(Natural Birth)

I had to change my gynaecologist half way through my pregnancy. Mentally it was a really tough decision. I wanted an unmedicated, natural birth and when I first met Dr Van Zyl I was really impressed with his view on birthing. He was very pro natural and we sat with him for almost an hour, where he answered all our questions patiently. I did not feel rushed with any of his consultations. He was available to contact at any stage and I really felt compassion and care that he reflected as an obstetrician. I cannot thank Dr Van Zyl enough for making Clara’s birth a memorable experience and I would highly recommend him!

Michelle Oliver gave birth to Adam


Dr van Zyl is an amazing gynae that is gentle and treats his patients in the most wonderful manner. He always honoured my requests, even up until the day my baby was born. With my first pregnancy I had a terrible c-section, but this time around he put all my fears to rest and I had the most amazing birth experience. Any mom-to-be will be so blessed to have Dr van Zyl as their gynae.

Dominique Jossie gave birth to Sky Simons


After 24 hours of labour, we welcomed our little boy Sky Simons. Unfortunately there were a few complications at birth but Dr Van Zyl handled the situation very well and practically saved our boys life. We will forever be greatful to him and the staff at Panorama hospital for giving us both the best possible treatment. I highly recommend Dr Van Zyl.

Vanessa Alwar gave birth to Emma

(Natural Birth)

Dr Van Zyl promptly answered all my questions and concerns. He has acted with a higher level of professionalism and provided the assurance and confidence during my pregnancy.

Dr Van Zyl is very gentle and assisted me in quickly delivering my baby, which was a great relief for me, as a mom.

Adele Bowers gave birth to Harper

(Caesarean Section)

At 45 years old I fell pregnant with our first child, through a very long and difficulty journey. Having chronic illnesses like diabetes and hypertension and being overweight compounded the risks associated with advanced maternal age pregnancies. Dr Deon van Zyl together with a physician was instrumental in helping me manage my chronic illnesses. He also advised that I consult a dietician while 14 weeks pregnant. At 32 weeks of pregnancy, I had lost 7kg. My chronic illnesses were under control and my baby was growing perfectly with no abnormalities. My baby girl was delivered at 38 weeks’ gestation via caesarean section and I cannot be happier at how healthy both of us was after the birth. I want to thank not only Dr Van Zyl, but also his amazing staff. Elisma and Luzaan are amazing ladies who are highly competent, efficient and super friendly.

Amy Brown gave birth to Caleb

(Natural Birth)

Dr Van Zyl is the best gynae I could’ve found! From the very beginning, even before I was pregnant, he’s always prioritized what I’ve felt is best for me and this extended to the birth as well. He wanted to give me the birth I wanted and even though things didn’t go according to plan with my placenta, I still got a natural birth and felt completely safe with Dr Van Zyl! Both my husband and I trust him implicitly and have such a wonderful relationship! I can’t explain how amazing it is to be with a gynae who I trust so much!